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7 Best Foods that Boost Testosterone Faster with No Side Effects

Testosterone is a male hormone produced in the testes and in the adrenal glands. A comfortable testosterone level is associated with sexual performance, reproductive function, muscle mass maintenance, hair growth, aggression, and competitive behavior; testosterone also stimulates the production of blood cells including red blood cells, and opposes the loss of bone calcium (osteoporosis). The… Read More »

Implementation best practices: Building relationships with consultants

In 2016, U.S. healthcare organizations spent $ 20 billion on expert consultants, according to the Black Book Research Q3 2018 Healthcare IT Consultant Client Satisfaction Survey. In 2017, that number more than doubled to $ 45 billion, the survey found, and this past year spending hit $ 53 billion. Clearly there’s a growing need for… Read More »

14 Best Cystic Acne Treatments 2019, According to Dermatologists – Allure Magazine

Acne comes in many types and forms, but none can be more severe or harder to treat than cystic acne. Characterized by large, irritated nodules under the skin, cystic breakouts tend to respond less effectively than whiteheads to topical treatments. In certain cases, dermatologists may administer an in-office cortisone injection or prescribe oral medications (including… Read More »