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PhRMA CEO calls Trump drug importation plan ‘far too dangerous’

The CEO of PhRMA, a trade group representing pharmaceutical companies, slammed the Trump administration’s new proposal to import drugs from foreign countries. The Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration released a proposal to make prescription drugs more affordable via importation, the Safe Importation Action Plan, earlier Tuesday. “The Administration’s… Read More »

Drug Companies Are Focusing on the Poor After Decades of Ignoring Them

Twenty years ago, thousands of Africans died of AIDS each day as pharmaceutical companies looked on, murmuring sympathy but claiming that they could not afford to cut the prices of their $ 15,000-a-year H.I.V. drugs. It’s hard to imagine such a nightmare unfolding today. Vast changes have swept the drug industry over the last two… Read More »

New drug cocktail may be future treatment for sensorineural hearing loss

You might say researchers at MIT, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Massachusetts Eye and Ear had a “gut instinct” during their study of intestinal cell regeneration. If regeneration could work in the cochlea like it did in the intestine, they theorized, it might lead to a treatment for sensorineural hearing loss. To test their theory,… Read More »